-Write five paragraphs essay ( 2-3 pages) discussing the p

-Write five paragraphs essay ( 2-3 pages) discussing the positive and/or negative opinions regarding customs and/or traditions. -Include at least three cited quotes from the essay I give to you. Try to have only one cited quote per paragraph, and be sure to response to each quote with your opinion ( ex:I agree; I doubt this is true)-Be sure to use the “loaded” sentence to introduce the essay at the first time you use the quote. ex for “loaded” sentence: In the essay “ Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” the author Amy Chua writes about …( thesis statement)-Include three personal experience examples need to incorporate concrete, specific details, person quotes and the five W’s. Examples should dominate the essay’s content. I am the student from China, please use some examples that based on me.ex for personal quote: My sister kathy told me, “ Wearing red zebra eyeglasses lets me stand out.” (and response to the quote) Well, she sure did. Everyone know her for her glasses.-Use transitional words and phrases to introduce sentences and paragraphs so they flow, and always tie back to your thesis statement.-Please include an outline and highlight the cited quotes.

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