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111e contingency table shows how a random sample of college freshmen graded the leaders of three types of institutions. At or = 0.10, can you conclude that the Military 33 46 15 25grades are related to the institution? Complete parts (a) through (d). Religious 24 42 25 15Media .r’ Press 14 29 40 30 (a) Identify the claim and state the null and alternative hypotheses. H0: Grades are the institution.Ha: Grades are the institution. (b) Determine the degrees of freedom, find the critical value, and identify the rejection region. What are the degrees of freedom? d.f. = |:| Find the critical value.x6 = D(Round to three decimal places as needed.) Choose the correct rejection region below. 0A. X2<XfiOB. X25956OB. x2216OD. X2>Xfi (c) Calculate the test statistic. If convenient. use technology. x2 = D (Round to three decimal places as needed.) (d) Decide to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Then interpret the decision in the context of the original claim. Choose the correct conclusion below.