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Choose one of the following prompts and respond to it in an essay format (11 – 12 point Times New Roman font, proper headings, etc.). There is no word limit, but the paper should try to be around 1800 words. Be sure to clearly define the dialectic you’re engaging with (the main issues in the debate) and to pick a side by clearly providing an interesting, defensible, manageable, argumentative, and focused thesis. Be sure to also consider the best arguments against your thesis and why your view is superior. Provide what you judge as the best argument for God’s existence and the best argument against God’s existence and explain which one you judge to be the better argument. Is the scientific method the only avenue to knowledge? Can we know anything that isn’t discovered scientifically? In the MCU (the movies) version of the Avenger’s story, is Thanos’s desire to indiscriminately sacrifice half the universe to save the other half morally defensible or indefensible? Be sure to appeal to one or more of the normative ethical theories. Given our current political and economic realities, should a university education focus solely on vocational training? N.B. For this essay, if you don’t already have a style guide that you’re comfortable with, I request that you follow the Chicago Style B, Author-date, in-text citation, format. You can find examples of it here: PLEASE REMEMBER: MUST BE CITID PROPERLY.

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