1. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq52ZjMzqyI



  1. Name 3 things you learned from the video.


  1. What is your experience with change? Personal or Professional. Do you find it easy or are you a creature of habit? How do you, as an administrator, plan to motivate your staff for change for the better?


  1. Find an article on motivation and:


  1. put the link here


  1. summarize the article with listing at least 7 points


  1. discuss pros/cons of the article


Reference your text for the following:


  1. Historically, quality in nursing facilities has been defined by what?


  1. Define survey process.


1.Find an article on quality of life in the nursing home

2.Share your thoughts about it

3.What are the pros/cons of the articles


  1. .

Look at the Regs for NF/ALF’s and:

  1. a) find one on quality.
  2. share how you plan to implement this regulation.





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