title of the research: How banks can implement business strategies in light of globalization to improve connectivity with clients – A case of  barclays plc in uk

please describe all the poinst in the topic   based on the case study

1. background information  of the research topic

2. Rationale

3.aim of the research

4. objective of the research (2 objectives )

5. research philosophy

6. research approach

7. research strategy

8. time plan and resources required

9. references

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It is very important to convey with clarity:

•     Your research questions/the problem/the theme or topic you are investigating (what you are proposing to do and to find out or to create)

•     The methodology or technical approach (for projects comprising in whole or in part the creation of an artefact)you will adopt – methods, number of participants, who the participants (if any) will be, survey instruments used technology and equipment employed  etc.; and what questions you are planning to ask your respondents (if applicable); how you will deal with technical challenges.

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