Case Study: Read the following case study and answer the questions provided below: Council provides a range of support services and facilities to assist individual people and groups in their area to help them lead a happy and comfortable life. The council provides different types of services to people in the area such as sports services or services related to health, day care facilities or providing services to people who have physical or learning disability. The council is planning to develop an Information System that will make the service management process more efficient for them as well as for the people availing those services. The proposed system should be able to identify eligible people (client) by individually assessing them according to their need and priority that is decided based on the information entered in to the system by social workers or council staff. Some of these services are free of cost for people living in that vicinity however, some services may incur a fee to offset costs and that is related to the person’s ability to pay. The system should record details of eligible people. Council also operates a complaints and representations procedure. People can provide feedback about their experiences and services offered to them for future improvements. The system should incorporate this feature as well. System should keep record of individual client details that might include their name, address, contact details, payments made, current status, allocated social worker etc. There should be a facility for council supervisors to generate administrative reports regarding services provided to different people. There need to be a restricted access to any confidential information about clients to those authorized to view the data using a password system You as a system analyst, are hired by the council authorities, to analyse and design the council services management system that should able to perform tasks according to the details provided in above case study. Part A: 3 MODELLING QUESTIONS (20 marks) Based on the outcome of the requirement analysis carried out above, create following diagrams to provide graphical illustration of the proposed system. 1. Use Case Diagrams: Draw a Use Case Diagram depicting at least five actors and their roles. (6 marks) 2. Context Diagram: Draw a Context Level diagram and show all external entities interacting with a single process. (6 marks) 3. Entity Relationship Diagram: Draw entity relationship diagram to show at least five classes and their relationships. Show at least one subclass and one superclass

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