Your written report should provide good and clear details about the followings:
1. The design of the network topology. Provide an overview of the network topology
and details of the three buildings’ network design. (More details in the network
design below)
2. The type of media you propose to use. This must meet the performance
requirements. You must justify your choice of media. Remember this might include
copper and fiber options.
3. Hardware (such as routers and switches) should reflect expected usage.
4. Server room
5. A wireless network should be made available to students which allows students
access to different online resources while on campus
6. Allocation of printers for each department
7. Internet access for the entire campus, this connection should be sufficient for all
current users, and scalable to allow for the expected increase over the next 5 years
8. Identify a freeware tool that can monitor the entire network and show status of
each computer in the network. Install and explore this freeware.
9. Provide two (2) possible security requirements for the new network design
10. Estimation Costing
a. Produce a listing of equipment and implementation cost. This includes but
not limited to (Hardware, software license, installation, operation and

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