Assessment name:
Integrating technology in organisations

Assessment details
Individual assignment
Word count: maximum 2500 (excluding references and attachments)
Weighting: 40%

The purpose of this assignment is to research and critically analyse and compare the operation of two of the world’s major automotive companies insofar as how they integrate technology into their respective organisations. Use course material from lectures 9 to 12, and publicly available information.

This assignment also includes how these organisations need to identify, assess, and integrate both existing as well as new emerging digital technologies into their organisations. New emerging digital technologies could include robots, 3D printing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, augmented Reality etc.

Report writing structure:
Report title, the number of your CLN, CLN members names and student numbers
Introduction (set context, define background and definitions)
Problem/opportunity context
Literature study
Methodology and approach, and limitations
Recommendations and conclusions
Recommendations for further research

Provide regular updates on your Google Doc and ask Anthos to look and provide feedback; start by asking Anthos if the ‘premier research lab’ that you have chosen is acceptable
Use the report structure provided
Use as much of the material from topics 9 to 12 as possible. This includes Globalisation Strategies, Manufacturing-Technology Interface, Marketing-Technology Interface, Organisation-Technology Interface
Stick to the word limit in the body of the report (2500 words); attachments and references are not counted in the word limit. If you go over the word limit, make sure that any additional material is relevant and important and then put into attachments. Summarise what is in the attachment in the main body of the report
Make your report interesting to read (e.g. Tables, Figures)
Edit the report for grammar, spelling mistakes etc
Understand the requirements in the rubric
Use credible and current references where possible. If you use old references, indicate why these are relevant. Use the Harvard Referencing system
Do a rigorous and well researched literature study
Provide detailed recommendations and prioritise them (I recommend that you use the SMART methodology for recommendations: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound); you can prioritise by indicating which recommendations are short, medium, or long term
You are postgraduate students- look for some original content, and use a creative approach
Be insightful and add value that goes beyond just stating facts
Do not plagiarise or get others to do your assignment for you

NOTE: The following improvements are required from the way Assignment 2 was generally done:
Use the structure provided
Develop findings, recommendations, conclusions
Provide some creative content and approach
Demonstrate insight which goes beyond just providing information

Assessment rubric:

Criterion Fail
(NN, 0–49%) Pass
(PA, 50–59%) Credit
(CR, 60–69%) Distinction
(DI, 70–79%) High Distinction
(HD, 80–100%)
– weighting = 45% Nil or minimal attainment of requirements Meets basic requirements for content, little original content, and/or only basic input Meets requirements for content and exhibits some original content Meets requirements for content and exhibits significant original content Exceeds requirements and exhibits evidence of an original approach to the entire question
– weighting = 25% Nil or disorganised structure Structure is just sufficient to present the content, and/or ideas often presented in disorganised manner Content is generally organised logically with some aspects needing more attention Structure is sound throughout and supports logical exposition Outstanding presentation of material which supports all requirements
Use of Evidence and Referencing
– weighting = 15% Little or no use of evidence to support content requirements, and/or copied material with no citations Some examples are used but only of a basic nature, and/or gives citation for some sources and inconsistent in citation style Most points are supported by third party evidence, and/or most sources are cited, and all are in the correct format Excellent integration of evidence into material and primary sources used to support most points, and all sources are cited in the correct format Outstanding integration of a wide range of evidence and all points are substantiated by primary resources, with evidence of a wide range of research, and with all sources cited in correct format
– weighting = 15% Layout is confusing. Logic, flow and use of language is difficult, and/or many errors in spelling and/or grammar Layout is adequate with acceptable logic flow and use of language, and/or some misspellings and/or grammatical errors Overall presentation is easy to digest, and language succinct and well chosen Good presentation, with content and language easy to read and comprehend Overall style and use of language encourages ease of comprehension and insightful conclusions

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