a) Numbers are entered into a microcontroller-based system in BCD, but stored in straight binary. As a programmer, you must decide whether you need a one-byte or two-byte storage location. (1) How many bytes do you need if the system takes a two-digit decimal entry? (2) What if you needed to be able to enter three digits? b) A 3-Megapixel digital camera stores an eight-bit number for the brightness of each of the primary colors (red, green, blue) found ineach picture element (pixel). If every bit is stored (no data compression), how many pictures can be stored on a 128-Megabyte memorycard? (Note: In digital systems, Mega means 220.) c) In an audio CD, the audio voltage signal is typically sampled about 44,000 times per second, and the value of each sample is recorded on the CD surface as a binary number. In other words, each recorded binary number represents a single voltage point on the audio signal waveform.

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