Wireless networks are often considered not secure because of the diverse and open nature of
wireless network communications. Many enterprise wireless networks can be compromised in their
confidentiality, integrity and availability. An enterprise must secure their wireless network from
unwanted intrusion, modification data, and attack on resources.
In this assignment, your project is to install WLAN for a college campus that will compose of both
free Internet access for all students and highly secure internal data network (which stores sensitive
student information). In this project, you will analyse the threat landscape to check the possible
attacks for your college network, and design and implement appropriate wireless network
architecture. The requirements include; internal data network to provide wired access to staff
members or administrative officers for faster and secure connection to their data, and free Internet
access for all students in classrooms, library, and/or cafeteria.
Your objective is to fulfil the accessibility, connectivity, and availability of a wireless network for its
intended group of users. You will need to investigate a set of tools including WAP or WAP2 to
provide a high level of security. The detail should also include advances in IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
andIEEE802.11x in wireless LANs.
In this project, you will design a network as specified in the above scenario. You have to submit a
group report and specify each individual group member’s contribution on the front page. You will
need to address the following tasks in your report:
? Design of a simple mock campus computer network layout (using Packet Tracer or another
? Discussion on attack landscapes (what are the potential attacks on your campus network in
terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability)
? Wireless network security design using WPA or WPA2

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