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you should research and prepare a 2-page research paper that covers the following questions:

  • Summary of off-grid tiny homes and key features when designing
  • Background PESTLE analysis of tiny homes
  • Background PESTLE analysis of the location your group chose ( presto, Italy ) , as well as any key geographic features
  • Any challenges with off-grid tiny homes that are not yet solved or that are difficult to design/accommodate consistently in projects

You should find at least 5 sources and properly cite them in your paper or slides using IEEE format (includes in-line citations and reference page). A starting guide for IEEE formatting is available on Canvas.

Paper format:

  • Cover page (name, class number + section, date submitted, team # and selected geographic location, time taken to complete assignment)
  • Body: Times Roman font, 12 point font size, 1 inch margins on all sides, single- spaced. Must be at least 2 pages of text.
  • References: IEEE format, in-line citation, with full references on separate page, starting on page 3
  • Submission Format: pdf or doc.