2 This rich Roman-style city (capitol of  Herod Antipas)

 2  This rich Roman-style city (capitol of  Herod Antipas) was only 6 miles   (actually 3.8 miles) from Jesus’   hometown of Nazareth. (p.95)

  • When he miraculously fed 5,000 people, the Gospel of ___ says the   crowd tried to force Jesus to become   their “king,” but he slipped away.

(p.107; 6:14-15),

  • This gospel decribes many women following and supporting (financially)   (p. 104; 8.1-3; this was very   unusual for a Jewish teacher at that   time.)
  • This gospel ‘s original ending had only the empty tomb & no account of a   resurrection appearance. (p.113)
  • Jesus’ miracles are called ____ because they are not important by   themselves but because they PROVE   that the Kingdom of God has already   started to invade the world. (104)
  • John the Baptist was a(n) ___ prophet.


  • Mark 13 is the “little ___” because it  predicts the destruction of the Temple.   (p.110; like Revelation predicts the   destruction of the Roman Empire.)  15  The “Place of the Skull” outside

Jersulam where the Romans crucified

Jesus. (p.112)

  • Jesus’ answer to hate was __. (p.100)
  • The Roman punishment of crucifixion (the Jews did not practice this, they   stoned to death instead) killed primarily  by ___. (p.112)

 20  According to Mark & many scholars  Jesus’ actions in the Temple were acts   of ___. (p.109; John’s gospel takes a   different view.)

 24  This gospel shows Jesus’ resurrection  appearances both in Galilee (North)   and Jerusalem (in the south). (p.112; It  is also the only gospel to show men &   women followers at the empty tomb.)

 26  According to the OT prophet Zechariah  9:9-10, a king riding into town on a

donkey means ___. (p.109; Matthew


  • The last part of the Lord’s Prayer, called ___ is NOT found in the earliest   Greek Manuscripts (Like the   resurrection ending to Mark, it was   added latter. p.99)
  • The Jewish Passover commemorated this event in OT history. (p.108)
  • The holiest day of the Christian year is

___. (p.114)

  • One third of Jesus’ teaching in the Synoptic Gospels takes the form (or   genre) of ___. (p.102)
  • Jesus’ disciple, Judas, betrayed him to Roman gardens using this. (p. 111)
  • Right after God speaks to Jesus at his Baptism, Satan in the _____tries to get

Jesus to disobey his mission. (p.96)  40  The other Simon, Jesus renamed ___.  (p.103)

  • According to Mark, Jesus’ only words from the cross were about being ____.

(p.113; this is a quote from ____?)

  • Jesus broke thie law of Moses about this, even when lives were not   (p.105)
  • The voice from heaven at Jesus’ baptism in Mark 1 combines 2 different  OT roles telling Jesus (1) that he is

“THE SON OF GOD” (from the royal   Psalm 2), a KING from the line of   DAVID and (2) that his purpose and   role will NOT be to lead armies using   physical (military) power but rather that  his mission will be to ____ ALONE.

(Isaiah 42; p.96)

  • Sadduccee High Priest who tried but could not execute Jesus. (p. 111)
  • This gospel shows Jesus’ resurrection appearances to followers only in the   South around Jerusalem. (p.112)
  • Jesus formed a special group of followers called “apostles” (meaning “to  send out”) to carry out his mission.   How many? (p.103; what does this   number symbolize?)

 50  Luke’s birth story focuses on the role of  __. (p.94)

 52  When critics challenged Jesus to give  “a sign” of “his authority” to teach and  do miracles, what “sign” did he give   them? (p.105)

 55  Matthew’s birth story focuses on the  role of __. (p.94)

  • According to Mark (& the Synoptic

Gospels), on his 2nd day in Jerusalem   Jesus went to the Temple & ____the   money changers and pidgeon sellers.


  • During a withdrawal to the town of Caesarea Phillipi, he was the first   disciple to publically call Jesus   “Messiah.” (p.107;why did he   withdraw? Mk. 8:27-33)
  • Jesus was the only teacher (Jewish or

Greek) to perform miracles.  True or   False (p.105)

 62  When Jesus announced he was “the

Son of Man” who MUST go to

Jerusalem to be REJECTED &   KILLED, this disciple “rebuked Jesus”   for this idea. (p.107)

 65  This is a Greek transliteration of a word  used in Hebrew worship meaning

“Truly” or “So be it.” (p.103)

  • They thought outward ritual purity (through bathing, prayer, proper meals   and worship) was needed. (The name   of this sect. p.97)
  • On Thursday of Holy Week, Jesus ate his Last Supper with his disciplines.   John 13 says he did this symbolic   ceremony as well. (p. 111)
  • For Mark 1, Jesus thought what was needed was to “repent and ____.”   (these are inward personal conditions;   96)
  • Jesus let her learn the private teaching he gave only to his apostles. (p.104;   10:38-42; this was very unusual for a   Jewish teacher at that time.)
  • They thought the outward Roman rule and power over their nation needed to   be eliminated. (p.97)
  • Jesus’ very harsh attacks on _____ in

Matthew 23 reflects late first century

AD struggles between Chrisitians and

Jewish synagogues. (p.105)

  • Jesus did not observe the weekly days of fasting that the Law of Moses   required because his conviction about   the Kingdom of God meant it was now   time for  (p.105)
  • Matthew has these men witness Jesus’ (p.94)


 1  Christians celebrating Jesus’ Last

Supper call it ___. (p.111)

  • They thought proper outward behavior according to the Law was needed.


  • Jesus’ teaching on how to respond to violence inspired ___ & through him,   Martin Luther King. (p.100)

 7  Compared to most “common sense”

(or “worldly values”) the values of

Jesus’ “Kingdom of God” are

________. (no space, p.101)

  • In Luke 12:33, What does Jesus say about money & other POSSESSIONS?

(on p.101, the authors prefer

Matthew’s version (6:19) of Jesus’   command, who wouldn’t? But Google   or look up Luke’s version. Again, what   is the earlier source? Remember the

Beatitudes in Jesus “Sermon” speech.

Do you see a trend?)

  • In John’s Gospel, Jesus ministry seems __ years long. (p.96)
  • The Gospels try to excuse the Roman procurator from responsibilty for Jesus’  They show him asking the   crowds to pick one prisoner to set free   (this is highly unlikely) & nstead of   Jesus they chose a Zealot assassin   named __. (p.112)

 16  The way Jesus ate MEALS was a  symbolic anticipation of the ____. (no  space, p.99)

 19  Jesus proclaimed the “good news”  (“gospel”) of “the Kingdom of God” in   his teaching and actions (healings,   miracles, exorcisms, death and   resurrection). On the one hand, this   refers to the direct personal rule or   reign of God in the ___. (pp.96)

  • According to the Synoptic Gospels, the only followers to go to Jesus’ tomb   after his death were _____. (p.112)
  • Jesus reduces the entire Jewish law to how many commandments? (p100)
  • How many pairs of brothers in the disciples? (p.103)

 25  Contrary to Hebrew Law, Jesus  sometimes Jesus declared this directly

(on his own authority). (p.98)

 27  “Abba” is the Aramaic word for how  ___ talk. (pp.101-2)

  • Luke has these men witness Jesus’ (p.94)
  • The baptism John gave symbolized

___. (p.95)

  • Jesus’ agony on the cross was relatively __. (p.112)
  • How many times did Jesus predict he was going to be rejected and die in   (p. 107; Mark)
  • Jesus formulates his view of the law in this single statement called the ____.   (p.100; Jesus’ is the “positive” version;   there is also a “negative” version)
  • Only in this gospel does Jesus tell the

JEWISH CHIEF PRIESTS AND   ELDERS that “tax collectors and   whores” go into God’s kingdom before   they do. (p.98; this suggests 2 things   about this gospel.)

  • Jesus’ interpretation of the OT law tends to simplify, ____ and internalize   the commandments. (p.100)
  • JESUS SAID, if someone threatens or even starts  attacking you, you need to   be ready, trained and licensed to   defend yourself. True or False? (p.100;  Matthew 5:38-42 & Luke 6:29-30,   What earlier source is this? This is not   only Jesus’ command but it is smart.

But also read Matt. 10:34-9 & Luke   12:51-3, 14:26-7, also that earlier   source again.)

 49  During his Last Supper, Jesus  identified the bread they ate with his

__. (p.110)

 51  He executed John the Baptist. (p.107)

  • In the last of Jesus’ resurrection appearances (in Matthew, Luke, John   and Acts) Jesus commands his   followers to GO make disciples & ____.

(p.114; What is this scene called?)

  • This gospel shows Jesus’ resurrection appearance to followers only in Galilee

(in the North; p.113)

 56  They used palm branches to symbolize  their recapture and repurification of the   Jerusalem Temple. (pp.108-9)

  • According to Mark 2:17, Jesus came for ___. (pp.98-9)
  • Matthew’s birth story has ____act like Pharoah did to Moses slaughtering   male infants. (p.94)
  • Jesus’ ____ demonstrate that he has defeated Satan. (p.104)
  • 2 disciples named “Simon,” one was a

__. (p.103)

  • The Roman procurator who gave Jesus’ execution order. (p.112)

 70  On the other hand, some of Jesus’  sayings & actions proclaim the   “Kingdom of God” is ___. (p.97)

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