Richard Morris has recently opened an online store named The Drone Experts. He sells a very
popular model of drone called the ‘Rocket Drone’. In an effort to widen his market, Richard
has built a small website hosted by a web service provider. At the end of every week, the web
service provider sends a data file to Richard that contains data about visitor traffic at his
website. Richard would like to utilise this data to get insights on visitor usage of his website
and he believes that the data would be valuable for business decision making. However,
Richard lacks the technical knowledge to analyse and interpret this data and he is unsure how
the results from the analyses can be used for making business decisions.
At the end of first week, Richard received a data file on visitor traffic. He decides to hire you
so that you could assist him to analyse and interpret the data. The table 1 shows the first data
file that Richard received on visitor usage of his website.z

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