In this Assignment students undertake an analysis of the MIS Project Management at First National Bank Case Study in the Project Management: Case Studies book (Kerzner 2013). All projects at First National Bank (FNB) have project managers assigned and are handled through the Information Services Division (ISD). The Case describes one project, the development of a corporate database, and the resulting failure. Students are required to perform tasks and answer the following questions: 1. Why the ISD was created? 2. What is the ISD position in the FNB organizational chart? Justify the ISD position in the chart. 3. What is the FNB Project Management structure (functional, project and matrix)? Explain. 4. What is the FNB Project Proposal Life Cycle? Who is involved and how in the Cycle? S. Who are the stakeholders involved in the FNB Information System Development project? 6. How you would you describe Initiating and Planning FNB Information System Project Management Process Groups in relation to the Project Management Knowledge Areas? 7. Provide a SWOT analysis of an FNB Information System Development project and explain why the project failed.

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