Working in global careersAssignment 03: Interview-based article forLinkedIn

Question ) write an Article based on this scenario(Interview-based article for LinkedIn) :

A website which is to be called YouCareers is a new website that is made by a partnership between a university and Linkedin the aim of website is to provide guidance to students who are thinking about their career trajectories. craete an article for this new sub-website within LinkedIn, which is to be called LinkedIn toYourCareer .

The career that was chosen to be focused on is a business support coordinator and an interview was done and summary of interview :

I have interviewed Vivian Nguyen she works as a business support Coordinator at ARL Collect , she is a third-year business and a media communication student majoring in international business and specialising in public relations. Her main responsibilities as a business support coordinator are to :

– Maintain projects, proposals, business development, safety, and quality systems.

– Facilitate verbal communication with clients and attend to their enquiries in order to maintain and monitor accounts accordingly.

– Maintain an effective and thorough follow up programme on all files to ensure all actions are recorded so that the customer can be accurately advised by any contact centre staff member.

– Recommend legal action and organise field call services necessary to support initial collection activity with intention of resolving the file.

– Work closely and communicate effectively with support staff and other business divisions so that important information can be shared and gained to uphold good customer relations.

After the interview I have gained several insights regarding being a business support coordinator from my interview with Vivian , one of the insight is that this job mainly depends on good communication skills, being confident and patient , I have gained full understanding regarding this position and what it takes to be successful in this job and how to be able to develop and grow to reach different goals. Another insight that I have gained is that this job makes you gain several skills it gives you experience in making customer relationship and account management. After the interview I got a full understanding of the job and was aware of all duties and responsibilities required . The article must explain to students how they can find a job in business support coordinating, how to operate in this job and what kills they need to be efficient and productive. The article will aim to inform university students about the aspect of working in such field , careers within this field and give them guidance on how to work and be successful in being a business support coordinator by explaining and listing all skills and tasks required to enter and work effectively in this field.

Word length: 850-900 words. This excludes references and citations.

The article must have the following characteristics:

  • It must conform to the style and tone of articles in LinkedIn.


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