Starting from the logical network design that you completed in Assessment Item 1, you are required to undertake the physical design of the network taking into consideration the feedback that you received on your Assessment Item 1 report. You are also required to complete your final network design report. Your report should include the following: 1. Executive Summary 2. Table of Contents 3. Project Goal 4. Project Scope 5. Business Goals and Constraints 6. Technical Goals and Tradeoffs 7. Table of User Communities, Data Stores, Network Applications and Traffic Flows 8. The explanation and justification of your logical network design 9. The logical network diagram(s) including addressing and naming 10. The list of routing and switching protocols, and security mechanisms 11. The physical network diagram 12. The table of networking & communication devices and applications required, including the cost of each of them, the IP addresses, the product numbers as well as the approximate total cost 13. The explanation and justification of the networking & communication devices and applications required (as mentioned in 12 above) 14. A test plan that can be used to test the new network 15. One detailed test script for your test plan Note: You must follow the Harvard citation and referencing guidelines when writing your report. Check the unit website at least once a week for further information relating to this assessment task. Please ensure that you write your report in your own words to avoid possible plagiarism and copyright violation. You can understand the Plagiarism Procedures by following the corresponding link in the CQUniversity Policies section of the Unit Profile.

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