Students are required to form a group of 4 members to study, undertake research,
analyse and conduct academic work within the areas of business finance covered in
learning materials Topics 1 to 10 inclusive. The assignment should examine the main
issues, including: underlying theories, implement performance measures used and
explain the firm’s financial performance. Your group is strongly advised to reference
professional websites, journal articles and text books in this assignment (case study).
The applicable Unit learning Outcomes are:
1. Research and explain the structure of Australian and International financial
systems. Critically analyse the role of finance in business. Explain financial markets
and different types of securities and the processes related to their investment.
Interpret the impact of future developments in the financial markets on business
structure and performance.
2. Understand the concept of the time value of money and apply it in investment and
portfolio evaluation and management.
3. Identify the important factors in capital investment decisions, portfolio evaluation
and business financing activities.
4. Critically analyse finance alternatives to manage short and long term debts.
Critically understand and practice valuation of financial instruments, including
ordinary shares, preferred shares and bonds.
5. Describe the effects of interest rates on business finance. Evaluate the firm capital
structure policy and payout policy. Evaluate alternative funding policies and
instruments available to businesses including the banking sector and nonbanking

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