Case studies assess students’ understanding of concepts presented in weekly lectures
and tutorials by researching and analysing real life situations. This is an individual
In this assignment, students are required to identify a recent Enterprise Systems
implementation in an organisation and write a 2,500 to 2,600-word report and create a
5-6 minute PowerPoint presentation on the following issues depicted in the chosen
case study. (From the Insert tab, choose Insert Audio. Keep the narration for each
slide under 40 seconds).
1. For any large firm or enterprise describe the nature of the Enterprise Systems that
the organisation adopted to improve or maintain operational efficiency, improve
customer / supplier intimacy, improve decision making, create new products,
services, and business models (i.e. to innovate), and to gain a competitive
2. Identify all risks including the dependencies on the firm’s supply chain that could
affect or disrupt operations on the supply chain.
3. Provide an assessment of how successful the adoption of the Enterprise Systems
was to reduce friction on the supply chain, i.e. to maintain operational efficiency,
and a discussion of any success metrics that were used.

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