Complete the Career Dashboard table including any additional details. You will need to conduct in-depth research and investigation of aspirational careers for each role type.
Your degree is the starting point that leads to a variety of job roles, which can be categorised as:
Traditional or Obvious roles relate directly to a study area where the specialised discipline knowledge and skills are required. Consider these are “Careers in” the discipline area, where the discipline specific knowledge you have developed in required for you to function fully within the role.
Related roles align to a specific study area. Because of this, some of the discipline specific knowledge gained through the degree will be required in the job, but the broader transferable skills, gained from various experiences, will be equally valued.
Open roles require a university degree from any study area, however the roles are not connected specifically to the discipline knowledge gained through the degree. These Open roles take advantage of the transferable generic skills developed through the curriculum of a university degree.
(Related and Open roles are considered as “Careers for” the discipline where the discipline specific knowledge you have developed can be used to inform the work you complete within your role)
Stage 2: Data Gathering – Your Industry
Choosing only 1 of the aspirational careers you have researched, identify 3 diverse bodies of opinion (ideally though not necessarily academic articles) which relate to the future challenges faced by, and opportunities that exist within, your chosen field of career specialization. These opinions will then contribute to your own thoughts about your chosen industry which you will then incorporate into

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