The current development must be relevant to the topic of the week and not be older than 6 months. These may be drawn from periodicals (including electronic periodicals) such as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, the Economist, the New York Times, etc. 1. 1) As soon as students decide on their current developments, they should post the topic/article/news item on Black Board, in the discussion board for current development news items, so that others presenting that week don’t cover the same item; once thus chosen, others cannot cover the same item. This topic/article/news item that you post on the discussion board on BlackBoard will be visible to all other students in class. 2. 2) Create a PowerPoint presentation on that news item, and insert your voice into the PowerPoint slides to present, following the instructions here. Save that whole presentation with your voice narration. Your presentation should be approximately 5 minutes.

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