Design a digital clock as shown in Figure 5. The clock should be in the following format: YYYY:MM:DD hh: mm : ss YYYY: The year (like 2020) MM: The month (like 06) DD: The date of month (like 28) hh: The hour in 24-hour system (like 21) mm: The minute (like 46) ss: the second (like 21) You have 1 1-Hz clock input, and reset input. The clock should start from time 2020:01:01 00:00:00 and count up. The output should show on 14-digit seven segment display. The output should be as follows: Year[11:0] Month[3:0] Day[5:0] Hour[4:0] Minute[5:0] Second[5:0] Design digital clock with basic combinational gates: AND, OR, INVERTER, and flip-flops. Draw schematics on Quartus and Simulate on Modelsim to verify the correctness of your hardware

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