In this assignment, you will analyse the marketing strategy of an allocated firm or a firm’s business unit to generate insights and strategic recommendations for the New Zealand market. Your report will examine the following:• Analyse the following firm/business unit’s drivers of marketing strategy:product/service characteristics and firm characteristics (Varadarajan2011).• Analyse the industry characteristics including the market and key competitors (Varadarajan 2011)• Using the strategy frameworks from class, assess the marketing strategy of the firm/business unit and identify some key strategic issues that should be addressed by the firm to improve performance in the future.• Formulate strategy recommendations for your allocated business unit.Your strategic recommendations are to be appropriate for a mature or declining market (Walker et al. 2015).Please note:1. Your firm/business unit will be allocated at the first lecture and your assignment must be based on this allocation.2. To complete this assignment, you are expected to carry out secondary research, which includes the use of the library and its online databases.3. Please do not approach firms for information and only use public information sources.4. Other points:• This assessment will be marked online. The marking rubric is also online.• Turnitin will be used to check the academic integrity of your work.• Report should follow the style guide available on AUTonline/assessment.

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