You may use any public company, or if you prefer, you may work on any new venture project from an existing or startup company in which you, or a team member, currently work. 12 pages in length

1.     Company Situation Analysis – Internal Assessment

2.     External Situation Analysis of current industry – Environmental Scan

3.     Tools for Analysis & Recommendations

4.     Problem Solving Model with Prescriptive Strategy Action Plan

The overall goal of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to thoroughly analyze a company and its competitive position within an industry.

Then, after diagnosing the situation, you will then prescribe ONE key action strategy with a supporting rationale for why it is the best strategic action.

It is important that you show how the proposed action is rooted in your foundational analysis and evolves as an appropriate strategy under the current conditions faced by the company.

·      Your reasons for your company selection.

·      Details on each person’s role in the final project.

Section I: Internal Situation Analysis

·      Internal Assessment & Analysis

·      Capabilities & Resources Analysis (organizational structure, management, culture, financial condition – with ratio analysis if possible, an overview of resource capabilities, etc.)

·      Description of products/service offerings

·      Value Chain Analysis of one key product

·      Overview of competitive strategy for one key product

Section II: External Situation Analysis

·      External Assessment & Analysis relating to the one industry in which the company competes.

·      Assessment of remote environment (STEEP) (Social/Cultural, Technological, Environmental, Economic, & Political/Legal/Regulatory opportunities and threats)

·      Assessment of competitive environment (5 Forces)

Section III: Situational Diagnostics & Recommended Strategic Action(s)

In this section, you present the analysis that integrates the internal and external factors that demonstrate the current condition of the organization. What type of competitive strategy do you determine to be appropriate based on their resource capabilities, environmental conditions, and competitive position? Use some of the diagnostic tools for analysis and evaluation to support your premise, and then conclude this section with one major strategic action item that you deem to be appropriate for the company to undertake.

·      Diagnostic analysis of current condition using strategic tools:

·      Industry Growth rate & Market Share position in BCG Matrix

·      SWOT Analysis

·      Ratio Analysis of financial condition

·      Recommended Strategic Action

Section IV –  Problem Solving Model with Prescriptive Strategy Action Plan

·      Data collection & Relevant Facts (overview of situational factors)

·      Defining the problem – Identification of key strategic action item

·      Causes – Supporting rationale from analysis (SWOT, BCG, and/or GE Model)

·      Alternative strategies to achieve key strategic action item

·      Evaluation of alternatives (advantages/disadvantages of each alternative)

·      Decision – Suggested strategy (the best approach) with supporting rationale

·      Taking Action & Following up – Implementation plan for action item

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