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5) The Central Limit Theorem is important in statistics because_5)At for a Large a. it says the population is approximately normalElyfor a large n, it says the sampling distribution ofing distribution of the sample mean is approximately normal.regardless of the population( for any populpulation. it says the sampling distribution of the sample mean is approximatelynormal, regardless of the sample sizeD) for any size sample, it says the sampling distribution of the sample mean is approximatelynormal6) Suppose a large labor union wishes to estimate the mean number of hours per month a unionmember is absent from work. The union decides to sample 351 of its members at random andmonitor the working time of each of them for 1 month. At the end of the month, the total number ofsenit from work is recorded for each employee. If the mean and standard deviation of thesample are s . 9 3 hours and s – 38 hours, find a 90% confidence interval for the true mean numberof hours a union member is absent per moA1 9.31. 183sent per month. Round to the nearest thousandth.B) 9.34 .33409.3+.0181 9.32 .1717) What type of car is more popular among college students, American or foreign? One hundredfifty-nine college students were randomly sampled and each was asked which type of car he or she7)prefers, A computer package was used to generate the printout below of a 90% confidence intervalfor the proportion of college students who prefer American automobiles.SAMPLE PROPORTION . :396SAMPLE SIZE – 159UPPER LIMIT – 460LOWER LIMIT – .332Based on the interval above, do you believe that 51% of all college students prefer Americanutomobiles?) Yes, and we are 100 %sure of it.J No, and we are 100% sure of it.B) Yes, and we are 90% confident of it.(D) No, and we are 90% confident of it.8) How many tissues should a package of tissues contain? Researchers have determined that a personuses an average of 42 tissues during a cold, Suppose a random sample of 10,000 people yielded thefollowing data on the number of tissues used during a cold: x = 37, s = 24. Identify the null andalternative hypothesis for a test to determine if the mean number of tissues used during a cold isless than 42.A) Ho: u = 42 vs. Ha: u >
[email protected]) Ho: u = 42 vs. Ha: w x 42B) Ho:H > 42 vs. Ha: # >42(D) Ho: u = 42 vs. Ha: p < 429) The weight of corn chips dispensed into a 15-ounce bag by the dispensing machine has beenidentified as possessing a normal distribution with a mean of 15.5 ounces and a standard deviationof 0.3 ounce. Suppose 400 bags of chips are randomly selected. Find the probability that the meanweight of these 400 bags exceeds 15.6 ounces.A) approximately 07 .3085B) .1915D) . 6915N.