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This essay asks you to explore two poems of your choice that are written about a common theme. The five themes you can choose from are: Carona Virus, Resistance and Empowerment, Civil Rights Poetry, Gratitude, and Love. You will find links to collections of poems about these themes in Canvas. You need to select two poems that are written about the same general theme. Then you are going to compare and contrast what each poet has to say about this theme or subject matter. Your thesis should address the question: what are the similarities and/or differences in the poets messages? In order to write this essay you will need to find some connection between the two poems you choose. You will also need to make sure you argue to the reader of your paper what the meaning /message of each poem is. You will need to make sure to use specific evidence to make that argument- meaning you will need to quote specific lines and words from the poems. And you should make sure you know and that you share with the reader of your paper, the context in which the poem was written. Who is the author and when did she write the poem? This will require a quick google search. You will be graded on the your ability to meet the following requirements: 1. The presence of a clear thesis that compares and contrasts the message of the two poems. 2. Your ability to make a sound and supported argument about what each poem means using textual evidence from each poem. 3. Your ability to argue your thesis and prove it by the end of the paper. 4. 4-5 pages, Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins. Possible Steps to take: 1. Choose a theme 2. Read a bunch of the poems in the collection 3, Decide which poems you really want to work on 4. Spend time interpreting these poems. Look up biographical info about the poets. 5. Think about if the poems have a similar message, a very different take on the same thing, or any other connection you can make. 6. Draft your working thesis. 7. Write the paper 8. Give yourself some time. 9. Go back to the paper and revise. Poems we have read. Resurrection Sally Wen Mao Ken Chen- fingernails Prayer Laura Kasischke Ballad of Birmingham BY DUDLEY RANDALL You must choose at least one poem from the collections of poems that are on Canvas. Do you see those? And the other one can be one we already read or it can be another one from the collection. Does that make sense?

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