Read the information given in the case study and Review the organizational culture & its leadership skills, practices, and work performance.
Now search online resources related to this case and the areas related to this assignment. Read them for enhancing your knowledge, and taking evidence to support your analysis (you should support your analysis with readings and publications (in-text references in the content and end list of references in APA style).
Hints and guidance/ support:
You have to read the case carefully and identify situation/s in relation to the task given in the assignment, then you have to critically and analytically think about the situation with the subject knowledge.
Identify and mark several situations in the case, several aspects in leadership (qualities, skills, style, and the way doing); workplace relationship (both positive and negative in relation to motivation, worker or self-empowerment, communication, organization culture, values, worker satisfaction etc.) (What are the positively or negatively impacted situation/s, who is responsible, why it happened, what are the positive or negative outcome of them (in relation to the item no’s 1 & 2).
Then you can organize your assignment with the clearly identified situations and knowledge. Compare and analyse them with the subject knowledge rather than just talking or explaining the case situation itself (this part is depending on your analytical capabilities and your knowledge on diverse aspects in the subject).
Using an online search, you should find more on Starbucks and its management/leadership style.
In this analysis, you need to support your arguments, facts, and discussion with Subject knowledge (theories/ concepts and models) and also the knowledge gained from research and academic publications (search online as more resources are available).
Finally, based on the above case analysis and with the theoretical knowledge (the different/diverse aspects of Management skills) you have learned in this subject, you should be able to give recommendations and suggestions. This part shows your creativity and critical thinking.

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