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Hello Course HeroI have a tough question Ineed help before end of day tomorrowThe question comes from the John Fox text (2008)Exercise 5.7 on pp. 97-98Using the SCID data Canadian Occupational Prestige Data Set” and found this: http://socserv.mcmaster.ca/jfox/Books/Companion/data.html Can you answer the following which is Exercise 5.7Consider the multiple regression Y=A+B1x!+B2X2+….BkXk+e1. Regress Y on X2 through Xk obtaining residuals Ey|2….k2. Regress X1 on X2 through Xk obtaining residuals E1|2…kRegress the residuals Ey|2…k on the residual E1|2…k The slope for this simple regression is the multiple regression slope for X1 that is B1a) Apply this procedure to the multiple regression of presitge on education, income and precetange of women in the Canadian ocuupational presige data, confirming that the coeffcienet for education is properly recoveredb) Note that the intercept for the Simple regression in Step 3 =o Why is this the case?c) In light of this procedure is it reasonable to describe B1 as the effect of X1 on Y when the influence of X2….Xk is removed from both X1 and Y?d) The procedure in this problem reduces the multiple regression to a series of simple regressions ( Step 3) Can you see any practical application for this procedure?Please help?

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