Students will need to access the ASX website ( and select a company in any industry
section. Students will need to download the latest Annual report for that selected company.
Based on the selected company’s annual financial statements and related notes, students will need to prepare
a business report addressing the requirementslisted below. It is also a requirement to attach the main financial
statements and the related notes which address the requirements below in your report.
1. Discuss and provide an analysis of items in the statement of cash flow and identify item(s) which
relate to the balance sheet.
2. Explain the company’s performance based on Earnings per Share (EPS) and provide EPS
calculations for the last two consecutive periods.
3. Discuss whether EPS is a useful performance indicator for the company.
4. Explain how the material movements in the statement of changes in equity is reflected and
reported in the statement of cash flows.
5. Discuss the items recorded as Non-Current Liabilities, including the related notes and provide an
explanation of the material movements of each item.
6. Based on the capital structure of the comp

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