Melbourne. They have three different departments named Operations, sales and Marketing. All objects belong to those departments should have their own OU. There are 1 5 employees working in each department. The Clients require the following technologies to be implemented within their LAN: 1. Design a LAN Infrastructure for 45 users and determine the feasibility in your design for the number of Servers, Clients computers, Printers, Routers and Switches. 2. User authentication for different domains 3. All computers should acquire their IP addresses from a DHCP Server 4. The Company should host a website, so a separate IIS server is also required 5. Set up a DNS (Domain Name Server). 6. The Company also wants to store all the files on a separate file server. Only users with appropriate access will be able to access files on this separate file server. 7. There will be two different domains. One is allocated for the administrator and the other is allocated for everyone else. 8. Your configuration should reflect the above criteria and display different privileges assigned to the different domains and also implement one group policy…) This above is the scenario you just need to answer the below questions. QI : Introduction : A short introduction of 4-5 lines about the project scenario and server management. Q2: Why we need IIS server in this project, are there any potential drawbacks of using it, justify your answer. Q3: Configurations: All the required configuration steps in detail.

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