Django Project
You are tasked to create a Django website where users can privately create and
share notes. All users will have an account and they will be able to signup then
login to their account. Once logged in they will be able to write notes in the web
app. While creating the note they will have the option to share the note with
another user of the web app. The app will contain a page where the user can see
the notes that they have created and the notes that have been shared with them.
You may work in groups of no more than two individuals.
Extra Credit
Extra credit will be given if:
You design the functionality that allows the user to edit the note after it is created.
The user has the ability to edit the note message or title, delete the note and
change the individual(s) the note is shared with.
You design the functionality for the user to share the note with multiple people at
one time. The user has the ability to select more then one user of the web app to
share the note with. The user cannot share the note with them self.
Web Pages
The following are necessary pages:
(Some or all of the pages below maybe combine into a single page.)
● Sign up
● Login
● Create note
● View shared notes
● View my notes
Extra Credit pages:
● Edit note
Item Description Points
Project Submission The submission of a working django project with code that completely compiles. The run server command completes without any
problems. You submit all the necessary files in the specified format.
Signup and Login The site has the ability for a user to sign up and login. 13
Admin Account The site has an admin account. 13
Message Creation The site has the ability for a user to create a post. 13
Message Visibility The site has the ability for a user see notes they have created and notes others have shared with them. 13
Message Sharing The site has the ability for a user to share a note with another user. 13
Redirecting If the user is not signed in the user is automatically directed to sign in. After the user signed up they are automatically redirected to the
page where they can create or view their notes. The user may use buttons to navigate from one page to the next and does not have to
type-in site urls.
Total Points 100
Extra Credit
Edit Note The site gives the user the ability to edit their own notes. 10
Multi Share The site gives the user the ability to share a note with multiple individuals of the web app. 10
Total Extra Credit Points 20
Flow Chart
Display notes
Edit Note
(Extra Credit)
Create Note
If the user is not logged in.
If the user
does not have
an account.
Note: This is an example website
flowchart. Feel free to structure your
site however you’d like.
After sign up we should
be redirected to the
Please submit your zip file of your Python
Project. Your python project is the root
directory containing your Django project and
virtual environment.
In the example to the right, If your python
project was named “example_django”. You
would submit a zip file of the
“example_django” directory. This would
contain the “venv” directory and
“example_site” directory (This is your django

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