The final assignment will require students to write a full case study of a New York City arts organization (Please do not use New Museum or Whitney Museum) of their choosing. This study will thoroughly explore the way your chosen organization integrates technology and/or digital media into its programming. Successful projects will take a probing, nuanced, and critical look at the true practical and sociological function of technology in the institutional space: is technology present for its own sake, or is it functioning in a way that truly further some fundamental aspect of the organization’s mission? Can or does technology “create community” within the organization?

Does it add to or detract from the visitor’s experience? You must visit the organization in person—likely more than once!—and conduct observational research of its use of technology or digital media applications within the social, public space of the museum or gallery. Your project should be comprised of the following: — A written report of approximately 2,000 words that does the following: — Identifies a New York City-based arts organization and its points of digital or technical engagement. — Provides a detailed in-depth case study of the project at hand (for example, the museum’s online collection), detailing the project’s history, etc. You may wish to contact the museum and ask them to interview the staff member in charge of the project, even by email. — Provides well-researched and observed critical analysis and argument for or against the project’s effectiveness. Questions might include: How does the project impact the visitor’s experience of the organization? What could have been done better or differently? How does the project impact or otherwise position the organization, both internally and externally?

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