A colony of lab mice consisted of several hundred animals. Their average weight was about 30 grams, and the SD was about 5 grams.

Acolonyoflabmiceconsistedofseveralhundredanimals.Theiraverageweight wasabout30grams,andtheSDwasabout5grams.Aspartofanexperiment,grad studentswereinstructedtochoose9animalshaphazardly,withoutanysignificant method.Theaverageweightoftheseanimalsturnedouttobe33gramsandtheSD wasabout7grams.Ischoosinganimalshaphazardlythesameasdrawingthemat random?Oris33gramstoofaraboveaverageforthat?

Once i find the z value how do i know whether to reject or accept the null/

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