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1. Explain several ways that morality can fail, including one way to fail not highlighted in our readings. Pick a concrete example of moral failure from history, literature, journalism, your imagination, or the experiences of people you know; from any realm of life., e.g., war, business, family, friendship. How and why did moral failure occur? How might that failure have been avoided or prevented? In passing, how might different types of moral theories (consequentialism, deontology, etc.) encourage or discourage the failure you identify? A well-developed example helps, but also remember to relate the content to course materials.

2. Pick a legal or social practice common in a community, society, or country that is accepted as right or appropriate by many of the people there, but is believed by many outsiders to be unacceptably harmful to people, and either mistaken or wrong. The majority of harmful practices disadvantage women, so that is one area to look, but anything legal or social and arguably harmful will do. Design for that group a harmonization of moral, social, and legal norms approach to the problem, using the broad ideas from Bogotá, but not copying mechanically the specific tactics that city applied. Also, as an outside adviser, justify to your concerned clients how your project and program design would deal with the issues of cultural difference, moral universalism, and moral relativism.

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