A Dystopian World

A Dystopian World


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For this essay, you will write about your own version of a dystopian society based onn thee research of real life oppressive regimes/governments either past or present. Utopian societies develop when rulers attempt to create a more perfect society. But perfection is unachievable because its definition is determined by the biased perceptions of each individual within the society. Although the people in charge can influence citizens through propaganda and fear, they are rarely able to completely destroy the human spirit. This leads individuals who once believed they were living in a utopia to realize that they are actually living in a dystopia. A dystopia is a world that its originators thought was prefect, but in order to create perfection,n there is usually a lot of control. When you control everything so carefully, a totalitarian regime often results. Dystopias usually involve human rights violations, harsh conditions, and strict rules. These are the conditions that make the world a dystopia.

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