An accountant was recently hired to oversee an expansion of a pharmaceutical company into Europe. After a month on the job, the accountant was settling into the new job and felt prepared for the upcoming changes. Of course, this was too good to be true. After arriving at work one day, the accountant learned of several changes ordered by the company’s leaders after a meeting of the board. Now, the accountant had to deal with the following: • An installation of a new enterprise system that was incompatible with the existing accounting applications and software. • The request to incorporate a terabyte of data from the marketing department’s completed project into current reports and assessments. • The calls from the CEO and CFO for immediate analytics of the marketing data for presentation to the board at the next meeting. • The requests for updated information for the company’s new plant in Rotterdam, Sweden, that is opening next week. Based on this week’s readings and your research in the Library, construct a pocket manual or quick reference guide for an accountant to navigate each of these problems. You should: • Explain each problem and identify short-term problems that might result. • Offer an immediate solution. • Develop a long-term plan to prevent the issue in the future. Length: Cover and references page(s) are not part of the required 3-4 pages. References: Include 1 quality web source and include 4 additional scholarly sources from the NCU Library (2015 or newer). Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards. READING RESOURCES: Textbook McWatters, C. S., & Zimmerman, J. L. (2016). Management accounting in a dynamic environment. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. Chapter 11. Articles Appelbaum, D., Kogan, A., Vasarhelyi, M., & Yan, Z. (2017). Impact of business analytics and enterprise systems on managerial accounting. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 25, May 2017. 29–44. Coman, D. M., & Coman, M. D. (2016). The impact of information technology on the company’s financial-accounting system. Valahian Journal of Economic Studies, 7(4), 65–70. Drew, J. (2015). Accounting firms moving slowly toward cloud. Journal of Accountancy, 219(3), 1–6. Drew, J. (2016). Should CPAs switch to Windows 10 or Office 2016? Journal of Accountancy, 221(6), 48–55. Popatia, K. (2017). IFRS & GAAP: Reconciling differences between accounting systems and assessing the proposed changes to the IFRS constitution. Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business., 38(1), 137–159.

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