– a lot of plagiarism was found in the essay -Too much backg

– a lot of plagiarism was found in the essay -Too much background materials in the introduction. The first paragraph, please explain what is frege’s philosophy of language. Present your whole argument in the introduction. -Include thesis statement and outline the debate you will engage with in the introduction. This could include mentioning why it is controversial. For example, you could explain the main disagreement between relevant theorists in the philosophical field. -Signpost is needed in the introduction to lay out the key reasons you will explore in the body paragraphs. E.g. “Firstly, this essay argues…” -Till the second paragraph, I still don’t have a sense of his philosophy overall. -Could you rewrite all the point forms into proses (complete sentences and paragraphs) -Please focus on the main objections to philosophy of language -Please write a conclusion at the end of the essay, to summarise and restate your arguments, the implication/significance of the arguments. What does it mean for the philosophy field? -It should be 2000 words long. No of words submitted is 25% greater than word limit

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