It is a research paper designed to think more critically about course content and apply it in an insightful way. Specifically, you will use up to 3 theories of personality (Please use the Five Factor model of personality, Maslow’s The Hierarchy of Needs, especially on self – actualization and self-transcendence, and the Attachment theory) to describe, analyze, and interpret the personality of a specific individual (Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of FaceBook). The paper should be organized as follows: Start with a brief introduction to the person or character. Provide important background information, such as date and place of birth, date of death, residence, family characteristics, etc. In the case of a fictional character, also briefly describe the source. The introduction should end with a thesis statement describing the goals or purpose of the paper. [Approx. ¾ to 1 page for intro.] You will then analyze the person’s personality, applying theories and research (learned in class, presented in the textbook, and/or from other sources) but avoiding lengthy reiterations of course content. Ensure that your analysis is thoughtful and in-depth. You may include interpretations of scores (i.e., ratings of yourself or another) on personality questionnaires to support analyses. [Approx. 6-8 pages for body of paper.) You should then make some concrete conclusions, in which you integrate and connect your analyses, compare and contrast theories and models, discuss limitations of theories and models, and/or formulate broader conclusions about the subject of your analysis. [Approx. 1-1.5 pages for discussion/conclusions.]

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