For this assignment, each student will conduct research using the internet and other resources on a world music example of their choice. You will write a short paper on your topic, describing the culture, and the meaning and structure of the musical sounds, including a link to a representative online music video or performance film. Select a world music topic such as a musical community, historical time period, event, genre (style of music), composer, performer, individual musician, musical institution, or the music of a particular nation or people. For example, you may select music from a place within a nation, an ethnic or language group, a social community, your family’s heritage or ancestry, a social event or phenomenon, or from a particular historical period. Learn about the traditional types of music associated with your subject, and also about contemporary, modern, or fusion musics.


Connect the music with its culture. You can make use of the class materials (readings, videos); you may research your topic in the library and by searching the internet; and you may talk with friends, colleagues or family. When searching on the internet, it is imperative that you go beyond Wikipedia, and also go beyond your initial Google search. Search for websites of particular performers, of institutions devoted to the music, and for news sources about that music scene. Make use of the links below.

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