Please provide the work that got to the answers!! Answers on the bottom are the right answers but need the steps on how they got to the answer that is provided at the bottom.

A statistician selected a sample of 16 accounts receivable and determined themean of the sample to be $5, 000 with a standard deviation of $400 . He reportedthat the sample information indicated the mean of the population ranges from$4 , 739.80 to $5, 260. 20 . He neglected to report what confidence coefficient hehad used . Based on the above information , determine the confidence coefficientthat was used . Assume the population has a normal distribution .Answer :!0 . 98A researcher is interested in determining the average number of years employeesof a company stay with the company . If past information shows a standarddeviation of 7 months , what size sample should be taken so that at 95 %confidence the margin of error will be 2 months or less ?"Answer :"48