a trip to the wonderland

A Journey to the Wonderland

In this long holiday I had an opportunity to have a long distance journey– visiting the Lake of the Heaven in Changbaishan Mountains. The Lake of Heaven was like a shy girl hiding behind a veil. Many people traveled a long distance to the place but sadly missed out this splendid view. After spending a peaceful night near the bottom of the mountain, we got up early the next morning and heading for the lake. Before we arrived the foot of the volcano, we were dismayed by the light drizzle of rain. The sky was overcast. At this time, the scenery in my eyes was far from the pictures in brochures. I could not help wondering that if brochures of view spots inclined to magnify the beauty of the scenery, or I have chose a wrong time to come. Sometimes I even need to worry about the things that had happened but unsolved or things have not happened yet. I became very anxious for fear that I would not be able to see the lake.

We rent a jeep, which took us to the top of the volcano. Along the way up we observed sections of multi-layered earth separated by areas of distinct vegetation as well as different kinds of trees and grass. As we climb higher, we noticed a fewer and fewer plants and trees. Near the top of the volcano, we saw various alpine plants. Then our eye stretched a rolling terrain covered by light green moss. We remain a little anxious, as the sky still cloudy. Finally we reached the top and proceeded on foot up a slope about one hundred meters. As we approached the crater, someone was standing on the tip waving his hand excitedly and shouting for us to climb quickly. Encouraged by him, we climb as quickly as we could in spite of the fact that the slope was composed of powdered lava. Upon arriving our destination, we stood there in a awe of the tremendous beauty of the Lake of Heaven directly below us. The surface of the lake was as smooth as a bright mirror showing off a reflection of the surrounding hills.

A thin mist-like weil of gauze was floating light above the lake, increasing the mystery. People were so excited rushing to the edge of the land and taking pictures. When I turned and looked at the opposite direction, I was filled with wonders as I peered out at green rolling hills like waves stretching far into the distant horizon. At that moment, it seemed like time stood still and I had merged with nature. I needed to bear all the cheerless moments as I traveled with tiredness and unknowable future. However even in such condition, I could still found surprise which made me believe that all the things I have been through worth it, made me want to embrace the world. Memories, like expectations, are to simplify reality. As time passed by, something I could not forget were usually tiny moments which were the exact time that reality and art coincided. So that the memories became unforgettable and they made me eager for traveling again. As I was traveling, I always brought out some bizarre and little ideas which would not change many things but could enrich my life and soul.

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