A wellness education program for the elderly population


Prepare a proposal for awellness education program for the elderly population. Explain the principles and concepts of disease prevention and health promotion for the elderly. Explain how educating the elderly about health promotion and disease prevention benefits the health and wellness for the elderly population. Develop evidence based health promotion and disease prevention initiatives for the elderly. Integrate linguistics and cultural considerations, CAM( complimentary alternative medicine), traditional medicine, holistic health, and spirituality into a evidenced- based wellness plan for a population(the elderly). Examine the ethical, legal, and economic factors related to health disparities in an elderly population. Describe the ethical principles that can affect preventative care and health promotion. Explain the economic impact of clinical prevention and health promotion related to health disparities for the elderly. Ref:Perez,M.A.& Luquis,R.R.(2014) Cultural competence in health education and health promotion(2nd ed.) Apa(citations&references),12pt,times new roman,4 current scholarly professional references, 

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