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Synopsis: How clear, concise, and accurate was the synopsis stated? Did it discuss the thesis(es), interpretation(s) and central elements of the book? 2. Scope: Did the review discuss the scope, methods, organization, coherence clarity, use of sources, and the author’s purpose in writing the book? 3. Evaluation: Was it a solid, balanced assessment of the book’s strengths, weaknesses and contributions? Did the reviewer support his/her assessment? 4. Logic: Overall, how well did the reviewer organize and present his/her ideas and arguments? 5. Technical: Spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation. MUST USE ENDNOTES, NOT FOOTNOTES. PLEASE ONLY REFERENCE THE BOOK ITSELF. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE BOOK REVIEWS OF THIS BOOK. Book reviews should be between 4-5 five typed double-spaced Let’s Help with this paper ( s in length. I expect this assignment to be endnoted. Papers without endnotes will receive a grade of zero. Here is the link to the book:

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