Acid-Base Titration of NaOH using Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate – Get an Orginal Paper (


Title will be “Determining the Identity of an Unknown Acid through Acid-Base Titration”.
Must use the following format: Abstract, Introduction, Experiment, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References, Appendix. One source will be this website: . The rest of the sources will be uploaded in materials. Also in materials will be several documents detailing the lab procedures and background, as well as the experimental data recorded.
Needs to be written in Microsoft Word.
These resources were given as helpful for writing with his preferred style:
(1) Coghill, A. M.; Garson, L. R.; Dodd, J. S., Eds. The ACS style guide, 3rd edn.; American Chemical Society; Oxford; New York : Oxford University Press: Washington, 2006.
(2) Robinson, M. S. Write like a chemist; Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2008.
Format was unspecified, but each source has a recommended citation within it. Only cite the sources at the bottom for the website source as well as providing the link.
The In-lab data is also attached. The first excel sheet outlines the parameters, and the specific sheets are written at the top of each Let’s Help with this paper ( . I was only able to complete stations 2 and 3 of this lab in person, so please be sure to note this somewhere.



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