Advanced Studio Techniques


Unit title: Advanced Studio Techniques

Assessment guidelines The assessment of this Outcome can be combined with Outcomes 1 and 3 as part of a single assessment for the Unit, details of which are given after Outcome 3 below. Should there be ambiguity regarding a candidate’s response, oral questioning may be used to eliminate any doubt as to the candidate’s understanding. The lecturer should note questions and responses. Outcome 3 Create a production master from mix-down Knowledge and/or skills Editing techniques appropriate to purpose Correct use of audio editing tools and/or system Correct use of final mastering processing tools appropriate to purpose Awareness of final master processing on sequencing of separate programme material Creation of final mastered mix-down on a format appropriate to purpose Encoding to current professional standards Requirements for archiving/back up of all storable aspects of a mastering session Evidence Requirements Candidates will need to provide evidence to demonstrate their skills and/or knowledge by showing that they can: apply the technical processes necessary to carry out suitable editing of at least two audio mix- downs in order to produce a final mix-down master carry out editing to create a final mix-down master apply suitable final mastering processing as required create a final encoded and sequenced production master on relevant medium back up all relevant audio and data and records on appropriate medium produce appropriate archive notes and labelling for final mix-down master medium maintain a log of activities in the course of making the mix-down produce a written evaluation of the technical, organisational and creative aspects of the session The above items refer to the bullet points listed under knowledge and/or skills and must be assessed on each assessment occasion. Candidates must provide satisfactory evidence of the application of the skills required to carry out the tasks indicated above. Evidence will be generated through an assessment undertaken in controlled conditions. Candidates should be assessed after an adequate period of tuition and practice. Candidates must submit relevant documentation such as archive notes, log and evaluation

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