Part 1: Who the child is you are integrating? Describe him/her and their diagnosis (the diagnosis and age will be provided). What does it all mean for the child’s overall development and for your class?

Part 2: What adaptations do you need to do to the overall physical setting to help the child integrate? What adaptations do you need to do to the physical classroom for the child to successfully integrate prior to the child beginning at the daycare?

Part 3: Explain that the potential challenges you perceive having with the child integrating into the classroom. *Try and think of all aspects of your day and come up with all the challenges and potential solutions. Part 4: Based on the age group you are assigned, present to the class the information you would relay to the children and other educators about this child starting daycare. Part 5: You will have to create and present one activity that will be challenging to the child based on their deficits and needs. You must create a tool that will be used to help the child participate in the activity. You must bring the adapted tool / item to class and demonstrate and explain how it would help and how you created it. Part 6: *Each person will be responsible to write their own 3-5 page paper summarizing the information included in their presentation. For the section on the tool you have created should be explained, described and explained based on the purpose it was chosen and how / what it will help the child with. Paper will be based on 15 marks; clarity, originality, thoroughness of analysis. Focus should really be on modifications and purpose of interventions to promote integration. the essay should include all these parts

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