Alain de Botton’s essay Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

Learning Objectives Covered CO1: Communicate your position on a topic clearly and concisely by writing a critical response to an argument CO3: Refine the skills needed to complete the final essay exam Prompt After reading Alain de Botton’s essay Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person Links to an external site.draft your response to his argument. Do you agree with him that we marry the wrong person? Write a 3-page (750 word minimum) APA formatted critical response, either agreeing or disagreeing with de Botton. In writing your response, be sure to focus on de Botton’s most compelling reasons behind his claim. Feel free to provide your own compelling reasons to either complement or challenge his argument. Review this sample APA documentPreview the document to help you with formatting. Your paper should have a title page, headers, in-text citations (when referring to the article), and a reference page with a full citation of the article. Assignment Submission Upload your essay as a Microsoft Word document. Assignment Requirements Based on the Course Level What is your course level? i.e. CIS266 – has 266 number code, that means level 200. Assignment Type Course Level 100 200 Research Paper (text) 500 words 500 to 750 words Number of APA Citations 1 2 Essay or Written Answers (text) 500 500 Number of APA Citations vary vary Presentation(text and slides with graphics) 10 slides 12 PPT number of APA citations and/or Author notes Author notes APA Help Please, review APA style formatting requirements for APA Academic Papers.APA Examples and Formatting Rules. Please, see (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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