An engineering design based project is set in this unit. You are required to gather and analyse information on the problem below and present the resulting information obtained in a suitably formatted report which is appropriate for a particular audience, as specified in the problem statement. Students are to complete the tasks outlined in Design Project 1: New Load as described at the end of Chapter 6 in the prescribed text “Power System Analysis & Design, Sixth SI Edition” by J.D. Glover, T.J. Overbye and M.S. Sarma (see attached excerpt). Conductor configurations are student specific: • Assume bundling, with the number of conductors per bundle given by the formula (YOUR STUDENT ID NUMBER: 10407341) mod 3 + 2; • Bundle spacing – in metres – is one tenth of the median of the digits in your student ID number; • Assume flat horizontal phase spacing, with the distance between adjacent bundle centres – in metres – given by the mean of the digits in your student ID. In addition to the tasks outlined in the prescribed text students are also to consider the impact of their design recommendations on the fault current flows in the system. The assignment involves the use of PowerWorld simulation software which can be downloaded from the link indicated in the prescribed textbook. The electronically edited design report (reports with scanned hand-written content will not be accepted)

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