Essay / Case Study analysis

Choose 1 case study to base your essay/case study analysis on

In your essay you will analyse the case study and critically evaluate the theoretical approach and intervention/s that you would use as a practitioner working with this scenario.

Support your ideas and proposed approaches to practice using your learning in this Unit. You can choose one or more of the theoretical models learned throughout this course to prepare your essay. For example: Strengths Based Approaches, Attachment Theory, Systems/Ecological approach and Anti-Oppressive practice.

Your essay should include consideration of:

• Thesocial work/practitioner roleand the likelyorganisational contextof the service/s involved in the case study.

• Who is yourprimary clientand consideration theirsignificant others(e.g carers, extended family, friends, peers) when working in partnership in this case.

• What are yourinitial thoughtsabout the case study and what you would take into considerationpreparingto work with the people in the case study?

• How dotheory and models of practicehelp you to understand thesituation?

• How does your understanding of theory and models of practice influencethe approach you might takewith the case study. Outlinehow you would workwith the people in this scenario.

Critically evaluateyour chosen approach to working with the client using literature

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