Analytics for Disease Management and Wellness

“Analytics for Disease Management and Wellness” on pp. 115 – 117. Please follow the Case Study guidelines regarding content, formatting, references and length. Read the cases thoroughly and provide an analysis of the IT and Health Informatics Systems issues presented in the case. To give you an idea of what information should be included in the paper, these questions (and possibly others, depending on specific topic chosen) should be addressed (when applicable): 1.Explain the issue using information from the readings in the book and other sources (e.g., websites, articles, etc). Cite your sources using APA. (Required) 2. Who are the stakeholders (parties interested in the outcome)? (Required) Any additional questions identified in the case study (Required) 3.Include your own thoughts/opinions as well as materials to support these. (Required) 4. There are six discussion questions in the case study article to be answered. Formal questions included with the cases, such as your final decision. Your decision will not be evaluated as “right or wrong.” It must be supported though, by answering the questions above. Do NOT write your answer in bullet point form – it MUST be in narrative (paragraph) form. Case studies are to be 3 pages long (not including references). Follow these assignment protocols: Microsoft Word document with 1” margins all around, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and double-spaced work. Failure to follow assignment protocols will result in a 10% loss in possible points.

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