Analyze the US healthcare delivery system

There will be one major assignment/term paper that you can work on throughout the course, which will be due at the end of the course. The idea is for you to express yourself using what you have learned in class. The paper should be at least five pages and not to exceed ten pages. The focus of your paper should be to analyze the US healthcare delivery system and for you to create your “ideal” healthcare delivery system. How can we ensure healthcare coverage for everyone? Is healthcare a right or a privilege? Who/how should we pay for your system? What should the government do to promote health and wellness? What are the resulting healthcare outcomes of your new system? Why is your proposed system better than the current system? Are there other countries that have better systems? Should we model the US after other countries’ healthcare systems? How will your system address the growing demand of volume (baby boomers) that have a lot of chronic disease and will put a strain on the existing resources? Why is your system a better healthcare delivery system? Be creative, come up with some new ideas.

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